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It was a dark and stormy night one Wednesday morning when the authors stumbled out of bed and noticed that there was just 1 month to go before finals. Having done little in the way of preparation throughout the year it dawned on them that now would be a sensible time to start seeing patients and reading books. "But just a month to go, how could we possibly pass?", the authors asked each other nervously. In a haze of despair their eyes happened upon words on the cover of a self-help book by a famous american writer: "Work smart, not hard!" Suddenly enlightened they used this as their motto and set about learning what they needed to know to pass.

It was a dark and stormy night one bright July afternoon. The dust had settled upon the exams and all was joyous and bountiful. The newly qualified doctor's had the urge to share the enlightenment they had that felt that one, special, morning. Gathering in a circle they started to chant the secret hymn revealed when fresh saline is spilt upon the back pages of the Oxford Handbook. Clouds rumbled in the sky as strange and exciting lights started to flicker at the centre of the circle of minds. Tentatively at first, words started to appear in the air. There was whoops of celebration as this was recognised as HTML 4.0 compliant. More and more words appeared and the sounds became deafening, until an explosion of a thousand HTML tags in a million colours filled the room. Suddenly all went dark and silent and the authors awakened from their trance. All that was left was, on the floor at their feet, a small laptop. An author picked it up and saw that all the words they had seen had been entered in to the computer. This was how this website came in to being. Or was it...?

Jeremy Lynch is a junior doctor working in London.

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