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University Specific Exam Information

There is a more comprehensive list of past university exams on Ask Dr Clarke's website.

University Of Bristol


  1. Long Case (70min), 2 examiners
  2. DOSCE
    1. Derm pictures (cellulitis, melanoma, acne, psoriasis)
    2. Endocrine: vids of hx
    3. Haematology: slides of coombs test (qs on autoimmune haemolytic anaemia), haem electrophoresis (Qs on sickle cell), DIC
    4. Surgery: vid of venous incompetence & tests, hernias, Burger's test
    5. Writing in notes from video ward round
    6. Ophthalmology: vids & slides of cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic maculopathy, glaucoma
    7. Drug chart: write up pt w LVF
    8. Drug chart: correcting mistakes & interactions
    9. Requesting ix: labelling blood forms/bottles for pt on digoxin/warfarin
    10. ECG: 6 inc AF, A flutter, VF, mobitz 2, inferior MI, 3 o heart block
    11. Discharge summary from file
    12. XRs: pleural effusion, lung lesions, bone
  3. OSCE
    1. Cardiology: ex & presentation (?Mitral regurg)
    2. Rheumatology: GALS & questions/Hands
    3. Neurology: ex & presentation (UMN signs)
    4. GP: OCP for 15y old girl
    5. Sex hx from Hep B pt
    6. GP: anxiety hx
    7. BP taking
    8. Ophthalmology on fake eyes
    9. Pall care hx: spinal cord compression
    10. Otoscope/hearing tests & writing down findings
    11. Review of Clarkings
    12. Cannulation & giving set
    13. Rest station
  4. MCQs/EMQs


  1. Long Case
  2. DOSCE
    1. Writing discharge summary
    2. Writing request for ix of pt w DM & hypothyroidism
    3. ECG interpretation
    4. Prescribing to a pt in a given scenario
    5. Drug chart: analysing mistakes
    6. Derm: 5 conditions on slides + Qs on rx, associations, systemic features etc→acne, eyripelas, bullous pemphygois, atopic eczema, psoriasis
    7. Ophthalmology: video hx of pt w acute red eye, structured qs on sx/ΔΔ/assocs, pictures of retina
    8. Radiology
    9. Ward round notes taking
    10. Surgical emergency vid (ruptured popliteal aneurysm), structured Q&A
    11. Haematology slides
  3. OSCE
    1. GALS screen
    2. Hx from pt w anxiety (post stopping SSRI)
    3. BP measurement
    4. Ophthalmoscopy on plastic eye
    5. Sexual hx & HIV test counselling
    6. Upper limb ex (cerebellar si)
    7. Lower limb ex
    8. Rectal ex on mannikin
    9. Breast ex on mannikin
    10. Neck exam on pt w goitre
    11. Telephone consultation w GP re new admission
    12. Pall care consultation: comm w pt's daughter about controlling sx eg. nausea
    13. Venous cannulation & setting up a giving set
    14. GP consultation w pt presenting w sudden onset headache (SAH)
    15. Breaking bad news
    16. Rheumatoid hands
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