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NG tube insertion


Drain stomach (eg. prior to surgery), feeding


NG tube, lidocaine jelly, large bore syringe, litmus paper, drainage bag, receiver or vomit bowl, adhesive tape


  1. Introduce & explain
  2. Position pt sitting up, protect their clothing w a towel
  3. Estimate length of tube: distance from pt's nose to the tip of the earlobe & then to the tip of the xiphisternum & mark this distance on the tube
  4. Pt blows nose. Select best nostril
  5. Lubricate end of tube & place in nostril, advancing along floor to nasopharynx
  6. As enters pharynx ask pt to take sip of water & swallow as advance tube into oesophagus
  7. In stomach: aspirate fluid w syringe + test w litmus paper (blue→pink)
  8. Insert 10-20ml air into tube whilst colleague listens w stephoscope to hear gurgling
  9. CXR necessary before feeding (cos cant aspirate through thin-bore)


Pain, trauma, perforation of stomach, tracheal/duodenal intubation, aspiration, GO reflux, local trauma

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