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Revision courses

There is a booming trade in revision courses for finals. Some of the most popular are (not affiliated with us):

These are all expensive, on average 70-100 pounds. Educationalists might question how much you can learn in two days. Cynically it might be said that these courses are exploiting a vulnerable and stressed group of people. Nevertheless many people do attend them. Advantages might include being guided to the important information to learn by impartial teachers. Many people get fed up of revising with books at home and so being taught can be a nice change.

The best courses in my opinion are those that reinforce the knowledge learnt. Dr Clarke's course does this by giving out good illustrated handouts and through his website , which also has videos and more revision material. 

You will probably not lose out by not attending. They may be useful as a confidence booster, albeit an expensive one.

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