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Suicide risk
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Suicide Risk Assessment

Initial questions
  • "Sometimes people who feel very low think about harming themselves or ending it all, have you ever considered this?"
  • "What stopped you harming yourself more than this"
  • "Have you made any plans"
  • RFs
    SAD PERSONS mnemonic: Sex (male), Age (older), Depression/psychiatric, Previous attempts, Ethanol abuse, Rational thinking loss, Social support lacking, Occupation (farmer, pharmacist, unenployed), No pastimes, Sickness (esp chronic painful)
    Reasons, problems, support, willing to accept help. Feelings/events of day, what happened after, was this expected? Method (violent?)
    High risk : planning, precautions to avoid discovery, no attempt to seek help, final act (will, suicide note), admission of intent
    Months, relationships important at this time, bullying/stress
    Family & personal hx
    Tried/harmed before?
    Before and present. Represents: a wish to die, to send a message, to change present circumstances.
    Mental State
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