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Ward Round

This is a relatively easy skill that sometimes comes up in exams in the form of a video. The key is to use the 'SOAP' system for structuring it: Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan. An example is given below (you don't need to write in "SUBJECTIVE" etc. though).

The one aspect that is hard is when they give you a very complicated patient. As with most things, practicing a few times in real life will help.


1/19/07 WR Dr S Cohen (Con.)

8:15 pm Post-op day 5


How the pt feels


Obs: P. 70 RR. 20 BP. 120/80 T 36.5oC

Looks well. Bowels open


O/E: Right basal crepitations, wound healing well


Keep on IV fluids, repeat bloods

Mischa Barton (Signature) 1/19/07, Bleep: 1133

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